Alicia is a young ballerina in a world of vampires more alive than ever. The teenager discovers that she and her younger brother are possible guinea pigs of a somewhat, say, exotic family. Corporations, governments, and history itself are not what they seem. And, of course, his beloved uncle Lucius. Except Alicia will soon know to be the most powerful of all, and her adventures in this dark world are just beginning.

Genre, references and theme

Fantasy TV series, with 10 episodes in that first season, each approximately 40 minutes long. The vampire imagination will have their elements built with a strong affinity for alternative versions of mythology and folklore of such a universe, with a peculiar introduction of aspects of pseudohistory, conspiracy theories and literary occultism. References to such films and works as Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dusk of the Night, Hunger for Life, the Blade Trilogy, True Blood, Penny Dreadful, The Strain, Orphan Black, without forgetting Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles or The Brotherhood of the Black Dagger, JR. Ward, among others.

The represented subjects are: vampires, blood, hematology, parabiotic, supernatural, alternative history, pseudohistory, secret societies, folklore,

family, immortality, time, youth, life and death.

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