LAURA'S Synopsis

Upon discovering his wife's infidelity, in the day he opens a restaurant to honor her, Carlo kills her lover and hides him in his pantry. Carried out after the murder he committed, he decides to be a different guy and put the needs of his neighborhood in order. It gradually organizes a local "militia" and ends up being called to join a political party.

Realistic universe, with laws governing real life, together laws governing the world of crime and contravention. Power disputes through violence, the middle class and bourgeois codes of conduct, and the imponderable escalation of mistakes and ways with no return that will make the lives of the characters ever more dangerous. Individual and collective ethics faced face-to-face.

Laura's is a work of genre rarely seen on Brazilian screens, the gangster. The issue of ethics, which heads one in three wheels of conversation across the country, runs through the whole dramaturgy.

"What to do", "how to", "why to do", are issues that attract the attention of people of all ages. We'll work on a combination of noir, cop, and suspense, so there's plenty of clever discussions, powerful dramas, and a keen sense of humor to engage audiences in our universe.

Our biggest references are House of Cards, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Fargo and telenovelas like Brazil Avenue. We plan the first season of the series to have 11 episodes of plus or minus 40 to 50 minutes in length.

Genre, references and theme

The choice of mixing science fiction with cop and drama, is inspired by two programs. One, of American Origin, Walking Dead, and another, of Danish origin, Forbrydelsen, whose adaptation in the USA takes the name of The Killing. Supernatural File X and, most recently, Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Leftovers are references.

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