The loose control of transhumanist research in Brazil makes it easier for the poor to be used as a guinea pig in experiments. After one of these experiments goes wrong, the boys Tom and Fioti, develop super skills and must run away for their lives.

The homecoming will be an epic adventure 
and the final battle between the Deviants and the Corporation will change history forever.

Genre, references and theme

The genre of this work is superhero stories, with a lot of action and excitement. Superpowers, genetic evolution, social and human conflicts provide this plot, which has references in several works of the genre as X-Men, Spider-Man, Ex-Machina, Orphan Black, among others.

The theme of technological research on human development could not be more current considering Brazil as one of the great pivots. Brazilian scientist Miguel Nicholelis, for example, is notorious for his research on prostheses and connection between the brain and the machine. This is said so that the scenario of the work can be based on national imaginary and capacities, with its political and social particularities, to explore this genre, with affection, here.

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