From the investigation of the disappearance of eight-year-old boy Luiz, detectives Rafael and Jonas will face City Town beliefs, which claim that the boy was abducted by aliens.

Mysticism and the absurd are faced to make sure that they happen, unfortunately, rational and human foundation.

Until second order ...

Narrative universe description and its laws

In The Other Field, the aim is to unite the realistic tone of the drama and the police, the element of fantasy, the paranormal, the supernatural and the scientifically fictional.

Everything we do not justify with reason will have its place in this procedural: communication with spirits, extraterrestrial abductions, telekinesis, telepathy, simulation theories and others. In the universe of the series all this is possible. But to what extent?


Genre, references and theme

The choice of mixing science fiction with cop and drama, is inspired by two programs. One, of American Origin, Walking Dead, and another, of Danish origin, Forbrydelsen, whose adaptation in the USA takes the name of The Killing. Supernatural File X and, most recently, Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Leftovers are references.

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