dislike | Synopsis


Several crimes, no guilty. The former police officer and now detective, Ramon Ruiz, thought nothing would happen in his life. Everything changes when Maria Emília, the mother of a young suicide, puts in his way the greatest serial killer that the world has ever known. A relentless pursuit will make social networking the worst place to be in this day and age. Or just the weirdest.

Genre, references and theme

Investigative police feature, which lasts approximately 10 episodes, 40 minutes each. The conspiratorial and psychological suspense acquires strong elements in the plot. References to sci-fi movies built under digital worlds and universes will also take place. The influence of series such as Mr.Robot, Manhunt: Unabomber and Hannibal are more palpable. Films like Seven, Hacker, Zodiac, The Bone Collector, Without traces share with the work something of their nature. The topics are: suicide, social networks, investigation, murder, adolescence, depression, serial killers, manipulation, persuasion, internet, hackers, social

engineering, big data, privacy and the digital world.

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