The Awakener has already become a watershed for Brazilian pop culture.

The viralization of the comic book in the social networks, the hundreds of subjects in Brazilian and international media, the five printed editions sold out, elevated the character to unexpected flights for a Brazilian comic book: The Awakener became the first Brazilian movie adapted from an adult graphic novel, taking 300,000 people to theaters in 2018, in a big production signed by Paris Movies and Downtown Movies, the most successful Brazilian studios.

The film, highly rated by both the public and the critics, has received praises such as: " Cathartic, the film gives new footprint to the Brazilian cinema" (Rolling Stone magazine) or "The Awakener is the starting point for a new kind of cinema made in the Brazil "(UOL Entertainment).

The Awakener is also the first Brazilian action box to win product licensing: the character has turned action figures, collectable figures, t-shirt collections, app games and board games.

In September 2019, another pioneering: Space, action movies channel owned by WarnerMedia,  premieres The Awakener TV series with new adventures of this genuinely Brazilian vigilant.

The Awakener is simply the greatest soldier ever born in a "country without wars". This true national anti-hero chose to fight the thievery of the political elite in a radical way: by annihilating bad politicians, by hunting corrupt people of all ideological flags. The Awakener goes where it takes, wherever anyone is acting to keep the country bogged down in its unacceptable inequality.

The success of The Awakener opened the door to a new movement, already under way, of film productions based on Brazilian comic books.

And it also gave rise to the Guará Universe, which you are about to meet now.

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