the first superhero movie in Brazil
The Awakener’s battle against corrupt politicians has made the character a cult hit.
And so was born the first superhero movie in Brazil.


A vigilant created by cartoonist Luciano Cunha, The Awakener has gained repercussion on social networks with the premise of being a special forces agent determined to end corruption by hunting down corrupt people of all ideological hues. After conquering the world, with reviews in several countries such as USA, England, China, Italy and Argentina, the five editions of the comic book sold out in Brazil.

Under the direction of Gustavo Bonafé (“Legalize Now” and “Shocking”) and co-directed by Fabio Mendonça (“The Night of the Turn”), The Awakener hit theaters under a lot of geek fan anxiety and critics' curiosity. “Could Brazil make a decent superhero movie?” they wondered. The answer was a movie that sold 300,000 tickets and received hot reviews such as:

“Exciting and cathartic!” Folha de São Paulo 

“Overwhelming, intense and with an anti hero to call our own.” Art Cult

“Starting point for a new type of cinema made in Brazil” UOL Entertainment

“A mix of Dexter, Punisher and Nolan´s Batman.” Canal Super Oito

“A refreshing attempt at innovation in Brazilian cinema.” Nerdtrip

The series, which will be shown on Space, Warner action movies channel, has general direction of Bonafé, while Mendonça directs some episodes. The film and series were created by Luciano Cunha himself and Gabriel Wainer, who also sign the script alongside Mirna Nogueira, L.G. Bayão, Rodrigo Lages and Denis Nielsen. Production is by Paris Entertainment and distribution by Downtown / Paris Movies.



"The Awakener" is an anti-hero in the best style of comic book vigilantes. The Awakener is Miguel, a highly trained federal agent living in a Brazil whose government was kidnapped by a gang of politicians and corrupted businessmen. A personal tragedy leads him to choose Brazilian endemic corruption as his greatest enemy. And he begins to take revenge on the Brazilian political elite in the middle of presidential elections.

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